For professional meetings, the Domaine de La Rousserie is an inspiring setting to promote creativity and productivity. Equipped with a video projector, projection screen, comfortable leather chairs and a modular workspace.
The 2 reception rooms located in the winery offer a space of 320 m² for your teams of up to 150 people
The spaces at the castle (3 rooms of 35m² each) are ideal for a more intimate meeting of up to 12 people.

Salle des vendangeurs

The Spaces at the Chateau in a line

The rooms are located in the castle, they can accommodate up to 12 people, ideal for codifying them for an intimate feel.

The dining room

12 people in meeting

10 people in U

The piece offers elegance and a refined touch for your CODIR and sales meetings.

12 people in meeting

12 people in cocktail

This modern kitchen/dining room allows you to create tailor-made meals.

The Kitchen

The Hall

12 people in cocktail

Ideal space for the welcome coffee with east/west light and a breathtaking view of the forest

Greens Spaces

The courtyard, the garden on the south side and the park designed around a bicentennial sequoia invite you to relax and enjoy these green and immense spaces. Maximum capacity of 150 people

150 people in school format

150 people in cocktail


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